Our Mission

We are one of the leading online forex trading platforms who has been in business for more than a decade. Our aim is to help people make money by way of trading in currencies.

Our mission is to ensure ten million forex transactions per day at our online forex trading platform.
We ensure that we reach our mission by the following methods

We are transparent in all our transactions. There are various packages available for customers to choose from based on the number of transactions they make and also the amount they trade with. Thus each one can choose whichever is suitable for them. Monthly transaction statements are shared promptly and any disputes are solved by the way of round the clock support personnel deployed by us.

Informed Customer:
We inform the customer on potential fluctuations in the market by way of daily, weekly and monthly newsletters. A customer can choose to read all our research material or only selected ones. They can also choose to read about one particular currency. We want our customers to be informed well before they make any trade.

We have various teams within our company that ensures that our customers make educated transactions and not just depends on pure luck. Our research team ensures all information is passed on to customers. We have our support team that is located across the globe since we are open for transactions day and night we have teams locally located so that they can assist you on any issues

We have long realized that having the best cyber security is very important for any website and more for sites that handle money. Thus we hired the best cyber security experts who ensure that all our servers are hack proof and not a penny is lost for any customer.